About Me

I am a photographer and filmmaker based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Photographing predominantly on film, I enjoy capturing the fleeting moments of people's behaviour in urban environments, as well as everyday mundane objects and scenes. 

My latest project, Queer Intimacy, follows my three queer flatmates during the Covid-19 lockdown in Edinburgh. The photo series displays queer relationships as intimate and playful, rather than overtly sexual or embroiled in heteronormative tropes. The first realisation of this project has been in the form of a zine, which is available to buy at Good Press in Glasgow, and Greenwood Cafe in Edinburgh. 

My two documentary films, although differing in subject matter, focus on the passage of time and the ephemeral flow of life tinged with melancholy. 

I am currently part of a six-month mentorship program facilitated by Darwin Magazine. 2020 graduate of the MSc Modern and Contemporary Art: History, Curation, and Criticism course at the University of Edinburgh, and 2019 graduate of the BA Hons Photography course at Edinburgh Napier.


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